PS3 Emulator – How to play PS3 games on PC

Ps3 Emulator

PS3 Emulator

Hi Guys, Today I will show you a brand new way to play ps3 games on your computer, with this new tool you will be able to play all the playstation games you want on your computer for free. This tool is called PS3 Emulator.

What is a PS3 Emulator?

A PS3 Emulator is a program that you can install on your laptop, computer or desktop, that will allow you to play console games on your computer. The console that I’m talking right now is the old Playstation console Playstation 3. As you know there are many playstation emulator out there but only few of them work. We tried to find the best playstation 3 emulator and we finally found one.

Ps3 Emulator

Our winner is: ESV Emulator you can download it from the link below!

Download 2 Download

In order to select this emulator we tested 10 emulators. First one in our test was, Cils Emulator, it’s an emulator created by a team from India. In this test we want to see which emulator is the fastest one to use, and which can be installed and used in less than 3 minutes. So the Cils PS3 Emulator have some great futures on paper , but when we tried to install it we needed an old computer, and that was a big problem for us. But with a little help from a friend got an old Laptop. So we installed it, than the Cils Emulator didn’t want to open so we needed the latest Net.Framework. We finally managed to open the PS3 Emulator and we found out that it only works with few games. We tested one of the games that worked and it was the most horrible game experience I ever had. With that in mind we uninstalled the Cils Emulator and installed another one.

This one is called PS3 Emulator by GRak. This emulator was a nightmare too, as the resolution of the gameplay was like 600×900. This is a nightmare if you ask me, than as the Cils, only 2 games worked on this. But the thing is we succeed to install it in less than 10 minutes which is a bonus for us. Than we wanted to play the game , but the problem was it didn’t worked with our keyboard so we need to use a small keyboard shown in the emulator. After few more minutes playing the emulator crushed , and we couldn’t make it to work again. So another lose for us.

As you know there is a quote that tells Third time’s the charm, so we start testing another emulator, this time it is created by a Team from United Kingdom , This tool doesn’t have a name so we called it after the team who created it, DDZ Ps3 Emulator, yeah it’s not a great team but don’t blame us, it’s the team fault that they call themselves like this. So we finally found an emulator that works on our new computer and not on our old laptop. We still needed to install some updated but after six minutes we succeed to install the emulator. So after we installed it we download some playstation games from our site. We installed some games and start playing them, The game was really fun, but after a while it starts to have lag, first we think it was from us than after we run some test we found out that the tool use more resources that it should use, and if you don’t have one of the best computers out there I don’t recommend using this emulator, as it will kill your RAM.

RPC Emulator.

This emulator is created by a team with some emulators in their back, but with all of their experience they still have major problems with the tool. Their PS3 Emulator is one of the hardest emulators to install , and for a normal user it will take ages to install it, you need to download so many things that you can forget about them, it taked us more than an hour to install all the things and we still have some files missing, than after we installed all the things we found out that the tool can run only the games that the team tested on the emulator, and they only tested ten games, when we found out that we decided to select one of their games, don’t think that was a game like God Of Arena, no , it was a small game.

ESV Emulator

ESV Emulator is one of the oldest emulators from the market , it’s so old that don’t even thing to download it on windows 7, windows 8 or windows 10. This emulator can’t operate on this operating systems, it have a lot of lag ,and the creators of this emulator really don’t know what to do. They don’t know how should an emulator really work. They don’t allow you to use your keyboard as a controller which was very hard for us to play one of the games. I used the emulator to play an old game and it crushed after one hour. We succeed to open the emulator again but it had some problems so we deleted it, that why we put this emulator the last in our list. And we don’t recommend to install it. After this day we decided to take a break and wait for a real emulator to come out. So we waited about 3 days , and a team found out about our article and they send to us an emulator to review. We decided to accept their emulator and make a test on it. This emulator is called. PS3 Emulator by ANX.

Playstation 3 Emulator by ANX is one of the best emulators we ever tested, this emulator works with all operating systems , and also work with Mac Os and Latest Windows 10. So we decided to test some games, oh we forgot to mention this PS3 Emulator have a built in downloader that let you download any game from the playstation market that is compatible with Playstation 3. So we downloaded God Of Arena and some major popular PS3 games, they worked better than ever, the gameplay was so fun, it was better than the actual PS3 console, this emulator allows you to connect a Playstation remote also, but it works with other remotes too, We even tested a wireless remote and worked without any problems. When you download the game it will be installed in less than 2 minutes, after that you can enter in the game and enjoy it. We tested all the hard games ,we played them for hours and the emulator seemed to work better and better. Than we decided to test the game speeds with the real console and for our surprise the emulator was faster than the console. After so many tests we decided to place this emulator to the top of our emulators . So this is the best emulator from the market and you should use it for sure. But this emulator is not available to the public right now , but the creators of the emulator allowed us to share it on our website, so I hope that you will enjoy it and use it as a daily base.

We tested 5 more emulators that we found on Google, they say that they are the best emulators, so we decided to download and install all of them . After we downloaded the first emulator, who forced us to make a survey to open it, which is kind annoying. We start using it , but it didn’t worked with any of the games we had. So we uninstalled it and reported to the admin. Still we don’t have an answer from the Admin of the webstie. As we don’t have permission of the site admin to publish the name of the tool we will just call it PS3 Emulator By LL.

Than we downloaded the second ranked website in google at that time emulator, also we hadn’t any response from the admin so we can’t share the website name or the tool name, as we don’t have rights to do that so we will call it PS3EM and we must say that is the ugliest emulator we ever downloaded and used, and also didn’t work with a lot of games, after we compared it with other emulators we decided to put it on the ninth place in our top, so if you read this article, I hope that you will fix your emulator and provide your users with real tools , not with some Photoshop pictures and a fake info about the emulator. This is not business, and you should never do that!

The third emulator that is ranked on google when we tested the emulators wasn’t so good at all, we will call him Project Rolt, this emulator didn’t worked at all, as it made my computer crush , and I was forced to install the windows again, this cost me a lot of data, and hours of work lost. It was good for me that I had some info on my cloud storage otherwise it could make me great damage. I can’t tell you how much I hate that “ps3 emulator” , also I’ve reported it to google that provide fake content that could harm your computer, so I hope. I won’t see that website ranked on google ever again.

The spot number 4 on google is a video from vimeo. This one can be called VEMULATOR , we watched the video and downloaded the tool , as expected we completed a survey, the tool didn’t worked, it didn’t even want to open so we deleted it right away. After seeing that the emulators ranked on google are all fake we decided to change the tactic , so we searched on bing. On bing we found out that there is an emulator that really works, but it is still in tests and works only with one game, so this made us very disappointed , we downloaded it and played that game. I can say that the game experience is OK , but that’s all, there are no special futures like in ESV Emulator that why this emulator is still number one emulator from the market. I’m sure that in the future when they will lunch it. It will have a big impact on the market, they also work at a ps4 emulator home that they will finish it before the end of the year.

So this is our final verdict.

  1. ESV Emulator (Best Emulator from our review)
  2. DDZ Playstation 3 Emulator Still need’s improvements
  3. Beta Emulator   It works only with one game
  4. Platstation 3 Emulator by GRak Few games that works on it.
  5. Cils Emulator
  6. RPC Emulator It works , but I won’t use it.
  7. PS3 Emulator By LL
  8. PS3EM
  10. Project Rolt It will destroy your OS.

The History of the Consoles!

If you want to have the best gaming experience with the emulators than install ESV Emulator, if you want to have problems installing the emulators that select one from the other emulators, but note that few of them don’t work at all, and don’t install the last one, that one will force you to install the operating system again, so don’t ever try to download our use it. I hate that emulator. And it don’t work also.

I hope that you enjoyed our article and now have more info about PS3 emulators from the market, I really hope that you will make the right decision and install one of the first 3 emulators. I hope that you will share this article with all your friends and you are also free to point a link to our website too. Have a nice day , and happy gaming.

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